9th Edition of The Function Exercise for patients Coming Soon in May 2019!

‘Free Upgrade as part of your Annual Subscription’

What the 9th Edition offers:

  • Application is now Web-based. Used on your PC or Mac
  • You can use as many Laptops / PC’s within one practice venue
  • All upgrades & updates are free as part of your annual subscription
  • Full online support
  • New sections are continually being planned. There are currently 955 different exercises
  • There is now a video section (9th Ed) of the more challenging exercises for both the practitioner & patient


Cost effective practical rehabilitation products and programs designed by Physiotherapist Tanya Bell-Jenje,
in conjunction with Engineers for the Therapist and Patient.





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Groovi Movements
I Thaveshen Chetty have been a physiotherapist in Durban for the last 10 years in private practise and would like place on record my recommendations to the physiotherapy community on the Tanya Bell Courses and the 7th Ed Functional Exercise CD’s. The courses and CD’s pay homage to what true evidence based practise should be! They have been developed by a physiotherapist who has not only defined herself as an outstanding clinician but made that work definitive by sharing her research through the development of CD’s. The content seamlessly ties up with the course material and is both user friendly and personalised to the needs of the patient. To say that the CD’s enhance the realm of patient care would be to say the least, they are essential! A sincere, THANK YOU to Tanya for making your body of work available to us!!!