The Groovi-SI-belt is the perfect pelvic compression and support assist for patients with low back or pelvic pain.
Multiple studies over the past 20 years have found that the combination of pelvic support via a sacro-iliac belt (SI-belt), in conjunction with a core stabilisation exercise program, may be the best treatment for sufferers of persistent back & pelvic pain.

The Groovi-SI-belt provides excellentsupport after abdominal surgery, or for post-operative support after lumbarspine surgery.
It is extremely effective in relieving low back pain during and after pregnancy.
It improves pelvic control & therefore improves sports performance during activities such as running, golf & rowing.
As a result, pelvic compression belts, such as the Groovi-SI belt, have been found to improve health related quality of life.

The Groovi-SI- belt is innovative in that compression is provided by two power straps, each with a central Velcro attachment, so that the power strap is then stretched from the central point in two different directions.
This improves ease of application greatly, compared to other products, without sacrificing any of the compression benefits. Furthermore, you can compressthe pelvis where it is needed the most.

The Groovi-SI-Belt—application

Studies have confirmed that best positioning of the belt is as low as possible, without obstructing flexion (bending) movement of the hip.
Apply the basic positional strap fairly low, below the 2 prominent pelvic bones at the front and just on or below the buttock crease at the back.

Now you need to apply the two compression elastic straps.
Apply one at a time. Attach the Velcro onto the basic positional strap in the centre of the pelvis laterally. Now pull forwards to attach the strap towards the midline of the tummy.
The amount of force that you use to apply this power strap helps you regulate the amount of ’force closure’ or stability you provide to the pelvis on that side. The theory is that it simulates contraction of the front core muscles.

Now pull the back portion of the elastic towards the midline at the back. You may need to get someone to help you with this. This back compression simulates the contraction of the posterior (back) core muscles.
Your therapist may have assessed you to determine where you need force closure the most and may assist you in applying the Groovi-SI-belt.
Once the belt is correctly applied you should feel more stable and balanced. Pain, if present, should be reduced.

If you experience an increased level of discomfort after applying the belt, and no improvement in symptoms, then the belt is ineffective for your problem and  should not be used.

Removing the Groovi-SI-belt

Simply release the 2 elastic compression belts at the front and then remove the base belt. Leave the back elastics as they are. They will maintain the compression you need when you reapply the Groovi-SI-belt, and only need to be re-tightened every few days.

When to use the Groovi-SI-Belt

If you suffer from continuous pain, it is recommended that you use the belt throughout the day for all your daily loading activities. As symptoms improve, use the belt during activities known to aggravate your symptoms. Wear the Groovi-SI-belt whilst performing all your core stabilisation rehabilitation exercises. This  proves core muscle activation. Ultimately, use of the belt should be reduced to activities such as Pilates, gym, golf,cycling or hiking.

Types of Groovi-SI-belts


This is the original Groovi-SI-belt. Material based. Use if there is a history of allergy to neoprene


Material based and narrow at the front to sit below the pregnant belly.


Neoprene based to be non-slip. Use this belt for all sporting activities


Neoprene based but wider at the back for people with larger
or more prominent buttocks. Non-slip for the active individual.

Washing instructions

Wash the belt in lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly.
Avoid leaving the neoprene belt in direct sunlight to increase longevity.
Allow belt to dry completely before wearing.


We recommend that you consult with your doctor or physiotherapist if you suffer from back or pelvic pain.
The use of the Groovi-SI-belt does not deactivate core muscles, but rather increases their optimal activation. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use this pelvic compression support in conjunction with a prescriptive rehabilitation program.

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