Pulley assisted arm forward flexion

Pulley active assisted hand behind back

Pulley active assisted abduction

Pulley active assisted flexion

Active assisted shoulder elevation

Pulley assisted arm forward flexion

Attach the pulley to a higher point such as door frame or a hook Standing will allow you to elevate your shoulder at 90 degrees Sitting will allow you to elevate your shoulder higher
Pulley active assisted Flexion The good arm performs the movement and the operated arm is moved passively upwards and forwards. With the pulley system the shoulder is lifted slowly and repetitively.
Pulley active assisted Abduction Start with the operated arm by your side. The unaffected arm pulls the pulley rope which allows the arm to lift sideways.


Perform exercises as recommended by your surgeon or treating clinician.


  • Always pull with your un-affected arm
  • All exercises must be performed painfree
  • Perform exercises slowly and with control
  • Do 10 repetitions 5 times daily
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