About Us

About Us

Groovi Movements was started in 2003 to accommodate the need for rehabilitation aids that the current market did not have. The name ‘Groovi’ originated from Tanya’s use of Groovi as a colloquial term in response to friends and family. Her fun character and passion for physio and helping her clients created the perfect opportunity for creating this business.

Groovi Movements is a home grown South African company that strives to achieve a lifelong relationship with practitioners and clients alike.

Groovi Movements offers a variety of products that relieve pain & help you perform at your peak. There are products that help with:

  • Sports injuries
  • Ice & compression
  • Post-operation rehabilitation
  • Back pain relief with back & pelvic support
  • Tennis Elbow support
  • Stretching of muscles
  • Strengthening of muscles and joints
  • Muscle reactivation

If you struggle with an injury then we have the solution for you!

Another element of Groovi Movements is the GrooviPhysioSoftware

GrooviPhysioSoftware originated in 2006, from the collaborative efforts of Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation expert Tanya Bell-Jenje & Wired Digital. Tanya is a Manual Therapist, International Lecturer & Director of the multidisciplinary centre: Off Nicol: Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation. Tanya’s experience as Physiotherapist for multiple international sporting codes, including the South African Ladies Hockey & South African Men’s Cricket Academy, as well as being Physiotherapist for the South African team at the Commonwealth Games & the Olympics, helped her develop her assessment & prescriptive rehabilitation skills. When Tanya moved from on-field rehabilitation to lecturing, both locally & abroad, she saw the need to develop a software program to guide the Therapist to prescribe individualized home exercise programs. The GrooviPhysioSoftware aims to improve patient outcomes by boosting the patient’s compliance with the best patient-centred prescriptive exercise program. As Tanya still works as a clinician, she remains partly at the coal face & recognises the need to save the practitioner time as they improve their practices quality of patient-centred care.

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