(BSc Physio (UCT), MSc Physio (WITS)


Tanya is a Manual Therapist (OMT), international lecturer and developer of the Groovi Movements Physio Software, a state-of-the-art system which has simplified the lives and offices of physiotherapists across the world. 

She is a founder of Bell Rogers & Harris Physiotherapists and a Director of ‘Off Nicol Health Wellness & Rehab’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. Earlier career and life experience revolved around her position as physiotherapist for the SA Ladies Hockey Team and the South African Cricket Academy where she served as team physio at both the Commonwealth Games and the Sydney Olympics. 

While learning under manual therapist Franne Mallen, her mentor and role model during the 1980s and 1990s, Tanya acquired both excellent diagnostic skills and comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy. She emphasizes the primacy of anatomy within her practice, stating, “Anatomy is honest. It’s objective. You visualise it as the means to get all the chess pieces onto the correct places on the board. If you can’t set the board up correctly, then you can’t play the game.”

Tanya went on to serve as an honorary lecturer at Wits University and has lectured and presented at orthopaedic congresses and physiotherapy workshops throughout South Africa, the Middle East, the United States, Holland, India and the UK. She has authored a number of online courses with an Advanced Professional Development Level 2 rating. 

When asked about the future of physiotherapy, Tanya shares, “I see an exciting move away from surgery as a first-line management in patient care, with a move toward conservative management as the primary care pathway. This means better patient outcomes, fewer surgeries, reduced costs, and a better subgroup of patients who may require surgery only once the conservative route has failed.”

As she continues to study and instruct on the interplay of biomechanics and kinematics, Tanya promotes an integrated approach to injury treatment and prevention. Her main philosophy? Every individual should have the benefit of functioning optimally and pain-free, regardless of their level of athleticism. With a bit of willpower and the right professional support, people will continually surprise themselves by their own capacity to strengthen and heal. Tanya cites the proverb ‘smooth seas do not make skillful sailors’ and elaborates that “learning comes from adversity and challenges and constantly striving to grow!”



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