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Rehabilitation Guidelines for an Open Latarjet

Ushala Misra (B.Physio) UKZN, Physiotherapist at BRH Physios Shoulder instability, particularly anterior instability affects 24 per 100,000 persons in a population annually, with increased incidences recorded in men, athletes involved in contact sport, and military personnel, particularly in the second and third decades of life. The principles of the current Latarjet procedure were described in 1954 … Continue reading

May 11, 2021 Another Category

VISA-G Questionnaire

This is the clinical and research version of the VISA-G It is a reliable and valid disability score for gluteal tendinopathy. “Development and Validation of the VISA tendinopathy questionnaire for greater trochanteric pain syndrome, the VISA-G.&#… Continue reading

February 12, 2020 Hip
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