Calf Pain- Differential Diagnosis

Tanya Bell-Jenje (Msc physio)

Posterior Calf pain in runners is a recurring problem. In this article, we look at possible differential diagnoses for posterior calf pain and discuss a few treatment options. “Extremely tight calves can force you to slow down and stretch mid-run! Read on to understand what is happening in your legs, and make an appointment with a qualified physio for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a novice preparing for your first 10km run, lower leg injuries are a regular occurrence in the running community. Painful, tight calves may be experienced by many runners but there could be several conditions that could be causing them. We will take a look at some of the differential diagnoses and some interventions to help you overcome them….”

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October 22, 2018 Ankles & others
About Tanya Bell-Jenje (Msc physio)

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