(BSc Physio (UCT), MSc Physio (WITS)

Tanya is a Manual Therapist (OMT), international lecturer & developer of the Groovi Movements Physio Software.

She is a founder of Bell Rogers & Harris Physiotherapists and a Director of ‘Off Nicol Health Wellness & Rehab’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her earlier experiences revolved around her position as Physiotherapist for the SA Ladies Hockey Team & the South African Cricket Academy. She was team physio at Commonwealth Games as well as the Sydney Olympics. She was an Honorary Lecturer at Wits University & has lectured at various Orthopaedic congresses and presented numerous workshops pertaining to Physiotherapy for movement dysfunction both locally, in the USA, Middle East, India, Holland & the UK. Her interests are in Biomechanics and Kinematics for an integrated approach to injury treatment and prevention. All individuals should have the benefit of functioning optimally & painfree, regardless of whether they are athletic or not. Tanya’s courses have an Advanced Professional Development Level 2 (APDL 2) rating.

Tanya Bell Jenje
Groovi Movements Team

Groovi Movements Team

From left, Clem Jenje:  Engineer and Designer, Tanya Bell-Jenje: Physiotherapist, Lecturer, Exercise Application Content, Andi Michlo: Software Developer and Jane Matadi: Administrative and Social Media Marketing.