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Relieve pain & perform at your peak

• Ice & Compression
• Back & Pelvic support
• Neck strengthening
• Tennis elbow support
• Stretching aids
• Muscle reactivation


Exercise Prescription Software for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Biokineticists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists

If you struggle with an injury, we have the right product for you!

• Sports injuries
• Post-operation rehabilitation
• Back pain relief
• Stretching of muscles
• Strengthening of muscles and joints


Our Home Exercise Program becomes yours as you improve patient compliance and customer-service


Assist recovery to perform at your peak with our range of rehabilitation products

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Improve performance and exercise rehabilitation with medically designed products to aid recovery

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About Us

Groovi Movements was started in 2003 to accommodate the need for rehabilitation aids that the current market did not have. The name came to this dynamic duo through Tanya’s use of Groovi as a colloquial term in response to friends and family. Her fun character and passion for physio and helping her clients created the perfect opportunity for creating this business.

Tanya’s innovative way of practicing physio required her to think outside-of-the-box and create products that she knew would make her clients’ rehabilitation easier. Her husband, Clem, who is an engineer, would then come up with the design to fit this need, and thus Groovi Movements was born.

Groovi Movements offers a variety of products that caters for all walks of life. There are products that help with:

  • Sports injuries
  • Post-operation rehabilitation
  • Back pain relief
  • Stretching of muscles
  • Strengthening of muscles and joints

If you struggle with an injury then we have the solution for you!


Another element of Groovi Movements is the “Physio Software” that was introduced in 2006.

This software has been in development over the last 14 years and is continuously improving. It is now on its 10th edition and is getting more successful every day.

Through Tanya’s expertise, skills and experience, she has focused on exercises for:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Strengthening
  • Stretching

The software is aimed at physiotherapists, biokineticists and sports rehabilitation specialists and trainers and it is based on sound clinical principals and experience to help the practitioner achieve the best outcome for the patient. The software targets specific muscle groups and conditions through safely prescribed exercises.

Groovi Movements is a locally based company that hopes to achieve a lifelong relationship with practitioners and clients alike. Our aim is to expand our reach and grow the business into the go-to software platform for physios and the go-to shop for rehabilitation aids.

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