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Mind your beeswax is a local small business which started as a pet project by Paige Jenje to manufacture reusable beeswax wraps as a sustainable replacement for clingwrap. This came about after Paige felt frustrated at the wastage caused by single use plastics. To combat this, Mind Your Beeswax was formed which aimed to manufacture this clingwrap alternative using natural ingredients, locally sourced and sustainable fabrics.

When COVID-19 hit, a new opportunity to manufacture a sustainable product alternative presented itself, where Mind Your Beeswax could manufacture fabric facemasks. The origin of these facemasks stemmed from the need to create a sustainable alternative to disposable facemasks and the sustainability ethos which attached itself to the wax wraps remained. And so, the Origin Africa Facemasks became a product of Mind Your Beeswax. These facemasks utilize sustainable and locally manufactured fabrics which include 100% cotton lining and quality Three Cats Shweshwe.

A new need arose,  where there were no facemask options available for children. This led to the creation of the mini b’s facemasks which are durable and quality facemasks purposed specifically for children and their active lifestyles. The design of the facemask allows you to adjust the facemask to the size of your child’s face, the toggle tightens and holds the mask in place and the mask is easy enough for your child to put on themselves.

Additional information

Additional information




Yellow, Pink, Green, Light Blue

Origin Africa

Origin Africa

2 ply fabric facemask

100% cotton lining

Three Cats Shweshwe outer layer

1 size fits most

Colours: Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, Green (dots), Green (wagon wheels), Blue swirls, Red, Chocolate Brown, Purple

Mini b’s

Mini b’s

3 ply fabric facemask

Soft polycotton lining


Three Cats Shweshwe outer layer

Adjustable headstrap with toggle

Not for children under the age of 2 years old

Colours: Yellow, Pink, Green, Light Blue

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