Designed by Physiotherapists in conjunction with engineers.

This novel rigid belt with non-slip fabric and adjustable handles is a must to stretch muscles of the lower limb, support the neck, or traction the neck to relieve neck pain or headaches. It comes in loads of different Groovi colours, with a colourful Groovi bag.




This unique stretching & supporting aid is a must to:

  • Stretch the muscles of the leg (hamstrings, groin, calf & ITB)
  • Mobilise  or Traction the neck to relieve neck pain or headaches.
  • Support the neck during abdominal strengthening to prevent neck pain or strain

Use of the Groovi-Grippa is recommended:

  • Before & After Sport & Exercise as a Warm-up & Cool-down stretching Aid
  • After knee surgery to improve range of motion at the knee & calf
  • For school kids as a routine stretching aid
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

Red, Blue, Yellow, Neon, Orange


250 g 

Groovi-Grippa Pamphlet

Groovi-Grippa Pamphlet

Unique effective Stretching & Support Aid

  • Pre & Post exercise stretching
  • Effective stretches of the lower limb
  • Neck support during abdominal strengthening
  • Effective relief for neck pain and headaches
  • Mobilise the neck

Groovi-Grippa Exercise Sheets

Groovi-Grippa Exercise Sheets


  • Precede stretches with 10-20 min
  • Hold stretch for 30-40 seconds.
  • Repeat 3 X’s.
  • 3-4 times daily to increase flexibility, 6
    days a week.
  • Stretch 3-4 days/week to maintain
  • Into discomfort NOT pain

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