The Groovi SI Belt


The Groovi-SI-belt is the perfect pelvic compression and support assist for patients with lower back or pelvic pain.

Designed by Physiotherapists in conjunction with engineers.



The Groovi-SI-belt is an innovative compression belt that is supported by two power straps, each with a central velcro attachment. The power strap is stretched from the central point in two different directions, which improves ease of application without sacrificing any of the compression benefits.

Its result is that you can compress the pelvis where it is needed the most and alleviate lower back pain, improving the wearers quality of life.

The Groovi-SI-belt provides excellent support for:

  • Post-operative patients who have had surgeries like lumbar spine or abdominal surgery
  • Relieving lower back pain during and after pregnancy
  • Improving pelvic control and therefore improving sports performance during activities such as running, golf and rowing


Disclaimer: This SI belt is made from poly-cotton and brushed nylon, safe for hyper-allergenic sufferers.

Additional information

Additional information


Large (120-130cm), Medium (110-120cm), Small (90-110cm), X Large (130-150), X Small (90cm)





The brochure below provides more information about your SI belt, including the benefits of using the belt and how to apply the belt.

Groovi-SI-Belt Info for the Patient

Groovi-SI-Belt Info for the Patient

Multiple studies over the past 20 years have found that the combination of pelvic support via a sacro-iliac belt (SI-belt), in conjunction with a core stabilisation exercise program, may be the best treatment for sufferers of persistent back & pelvic pain.

If you suffer from continuous pain, it is recommended that you use the belt throughout the day for all activities. As symptoms improve, use the belt during activities known to aggravate your symptoms. Wear the Groovi-SI-belt whilst performing all your core stabilisation rehabilitation exercises. This improves core muscle activation.

Ultimately, use of the belt should be reduced to activities such as Pilates, gym, golf, cycling or hiking.

Groovi-SI-Belt for the Practitioner

Groovi-SI-Belt for the Practitioner

Over the past 15 years, the use of a Pelvic compression belt has become recommended for both lumbo-pelvic support and failed load transfer in patients requiring lumbo-pelvic control for pain and/or instability (Mens et al, 2006, Kim et al, 2017).
A combination of an SI-belt with a spinal stabilisation rehabilitation program may be the best treatment intervention for patients with chronic low back pain or pelvic pain (Lariviere et al, 2019).

It has been found to improve health related quality of life, better steadiness during walking activities, modifies muscle recruitment sequencing during loading activities, helps prevent unwanted substitution movements and reinforces and retrains the optimal motion (Kyung-Mi-Park et al, 2010; Heller, 2006; Hammer et al, 2015; Jung et al, 2013,Cha et al, 2016).

Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

For accurate measurement, please measure around the widest part of your hips.

Sizing chart
















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