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Meet the Team

Tanya Bell-Jenje

BSc Physio (UCT), MSc Physio (WITS)

Tanya, a renowned Manual Therapist (OMT) and international lecturer, is the visionary behind Groovi Movements Exercise Software. Founder of BRH Physiotherapy and a Director at ‘Off Nicol Health Wellness & Rehab’ in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanya’s rich career includes serving as a physiotherapist for the SA Ladies Hockey Team and the South African Cricket Academy at prestigious events like the Commonwealth Games and the Sydney Olympics.

Tanya honed her diagnostic and clinical reasoning skills and deepened her understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics through continual studying and ultimately teaching. Emphasizing the importance of optimizing functional movement and performance she believes it is the foundation for successful treatment, management, and rehabilitation.

Tanya has shared her expertise at Orthopedic congresses and Physiotherapy workshops globally, including the USA, Europe, Middle East and India. She holds an Advanced Professional Development Level 2 (APDL2) rating for her online and live courses.

Envisioning a shift towards Physiotherapy conservative management as the primary care pathway, Tanya anticipates improved patient outcomes, reduced surgeries, and lower costs. Passionate about biomechanics and kinematics, she advocates an integrated approach to injury treatment and prevention. Tanya’s philosophy is simple – every individual deserves optimal, pain-free function. She believes that, with determination and professional support, people can surpass their expectations in strength and healing.

Tanya encourages embracing adversity, challenges, and continual growth.

Clem Jenje

Engineer & Designer

Clem, as a NHD Mech Eng, has worked extensively as a Project Engineer in the materials handling industry. Off Nicol Health Wellness and Rehab Center, a multi-disciplinary medical center in Johannesburg, was designed, built, and is maintained by him.

Clem is a key figure in translating rehabilitation concepts envisaged by Tanya, his wife, as well as other medical practitioners, into practical rehabilitation aids and products.

He is responsible for the design, patenting, and manufacturing of these products under the Groovi label. Together with Tanya they have created the Groovi brand and provide rehabilitation products (Groovi Products) and software (Groovi Exercise Software) to Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Exercise Physiologists and other Medical Practitioners.

Clem is a key figure in the support, updating and sales of the Groovi Exercise software.

Jane Matadi

Administration and Social Media Marketing

Jane, born and raised in Zimbabwe, she completed her schooling and tertiary studies before embarking on a life-changing move to South Africa in 2008. The pursuit of greener pastures marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in her life.

As the face of Groovi Movements, Jane thrives in social settings, revelling in the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a diverse array of individuals. Her journey with the company has not only established her as a people person but has also nurtured a passion for social media marketing.

With each passing day, Jane continues to strengthen her prowess in this dynamic field, contributing significantly to the growth of Groovi Movements.

Jane’s unwavering determination and positive outlook can be traced back to the teachings of her late mother. A tribute to her ultimate role model, Jane lives by the lessons imparted – never giving up on dreams, embodying strength in adversity, and using negativity as a driving force for personal success.

Outside the bustling world of Groovi Movements, Jane finds solace and joy in her passions. Cooking, exploring the vibrant cityscape, and, most importantly, spending quality time with her two amazing boys, family, and friends, occupy her precious moments of leisure. These pursuits not only reflect her diverse interests but also showcase the importance she places on balancing her professional and personal life.

Jane’s journey is an inspiring narrative of a woman who, against all odds, carved her path to success. Her commitment to people, dedication to personal growth, and unwavering values stand as a testament to the impact one can make with passion and perseverance. As she continues to thrive at the forefront of Groovi Movements, Jane remains an embodiment of resilience and a beacon of inspiration for those who cross her path.

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