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Groovi Grippa


The Groovi Grippa helps to stretch muscles of the lower limb, support the neck, or traction the neck to relieve neck pain or headaches. This novel, rigid belt with non-slip fabric and adjustable handles is a must-have for muscle relief. Along with its functionality, there are a variety of colours to choose from.

Designed by Physiotherapists in conjunction with engineers.

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This unique stretching and supporting aid is a must-have for:

  • Stretching the muscles of the leg (hamstrings, groin, calf & ITB)
  • Mobilise or traction the neck to relieve neck pain or headaches
  • Support the neck during abdominal strengthening to prevent neck pain or strain

Use of the Groovi Grippa is recommended for:

  • Before and after sports & exercise as a warm-up and cool-down stretching aid
  • After knee surgery to improve range of motion at the knee and calf
  • As a routine stretching aid

See the below for more comprehensive stretching exercises and instructions.

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Red, Blue, Neon, Orange

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