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Correcting faulty Biomechanics in the growing child

Tanya Bell-Jenje (Msc physio) January 20, 2016 0 comments

So often we hear parents bemoaning their child’s posture. “Stand up straight”, “Get your shoulders back”; “stop stooping”; “stand upright” and so on. Parents, quite rightly, blame the advent of television, Playstation, Blackberry’s and the like. “In our day we used to ride our bikes and play outside”. Also accurate, but in today’s world of ever advancing information technology, coupled with increases in traffic and crime, opportunities to allow our children to run amok in safety are few & far between. As we are unable to fight the technological advances, we need to optimise our child’s potential by ensuring correct biomechanics, so that time spent exercising is well utilised.

Sustained postures, such as sitting slouched in front of the computer creates muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances negatively affect sports performance and create chronic pain syndromes.

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